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Products and services

Our products and services - reliable, smart, secure

In partnership with our customers

Our strength across the global industrial, automotive, and consumer markets is a result of our unique and comprehensive Silicon to Cloud product and services portfolio and our build to innovate ethos.

With many megatrend products requiring both location-awareness and wireless communication capabilities, u‑blox customers partner with one competent supplier for their positioning, cellular and short range technologies, with a range of IoT services integrated to help them leverage connectivity and precision location data while protecting their end-users with our leading-edge Root of Trust security.

“Building to innovate at u‑blox is driven by our belief that component longevity just makes sense. Many of our customers’ products are manufactured to last and remain in use for more than a decade.”

Build to innovate ethos

Building to innovate at u‑blox is driven by our belief that component longevity just makes sense. Many of our customers’ products are manufactured to last and remain in use for more than a decade. Components, therefore, need to last, be easy to maintain and where required, continue to evolve with Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) after they leave the factory.

Engineered on our own silicon

We also engineer an increasing number of our modules using our own silicon. u‑blox customers know that the product they choose today will still be available in the future in a newer compatible version. They know they can continually enhance their products’ performance and functionality over their manufacturing lifetimes without costly redesign.

IoT Communication-, Security- and Location-as-a-service offerings

A range of flexible, out-of-the-box, IoT communication-as-a-service solutions is managed by a scalable, high-performance platform to streamline device to cloud to enterprise communication and data transfer.

Our approach to IoT security-as-a-service ensures minimal code development and investment while delivering the highest standards of end-to-end security – with Root of Trust data protection from the device to the end-user and efficient encryption key provisioning.

Currently, we have two products within our IoT location-as-a-service offering; CellLocate which is based on hybrid satellite and mobile network attributes providing increased location reliability and enhanced positioning indoors; and AssistNow, which accelerates calculation of position by delivering satellite data via wireless networks or the internet, enabling u‑blox GNSS receivers to compute a position within seconds - even under poor signal conditions.

New u‑blox products to market in 2020

2020 brought considerable global disruption across industries. Nonetheless, we were able to continuously deliver new chip platforms on our own silicon on schedule throughout the year. Here are some product highlights providing a critical business advantage to the mobility, autonomous driving, Industry 4.0, eHealth, and urbanization sectors - all protected with enhanced u‑blox security features.

“u‑blox customers know they can continually enhance the performance and functionality of their products over their manufacturing lifetimes without costly redesign.”

JODY-W3_Combi_web (1).png

February 2020

JODY W3 series multi-radio modules featuring Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6 delivers a leap in performance over previous Wi-Fi standards, delivering functionality that makes it ideal for use in automotive systems, both in OEM equipment and aftermarket telematics solutions.

Our new JODY-W3 series, multi-radio modules featuring Wi-Fi 6 dual-mode Bluetooth 5.1 are designed for the increasing number of wireless high speed connections that will be required in the vehicle. This ranges from ultra-HD video infotainment streaming and screen mirroring to wireless back-up cameras and cloud connectivity and vehicle systems maintenance and diagnostics. Bluetooth 5.1 provides direction finding along with long range, enabling applications such as keyless entry systems.



March 2020

UBX R-5 5G-ready cellular chipset for Low Power Wide Area

The u‑blox UBX-R5 is a 5G-ready cellular chipset for low power wide area (LPWA) mission‑critical or long lifecycle IoT applications such as smart metering, telematics, tracking, security systems, building automation, as well as smart lighting solutions, and connected health.

With mobile network operators announcing their plans to roll out 5G networks, 5G readiness is becoming a key factor in selecting cellular communication modules. LTE‑M and NB‑IoT are forward‑compatible with 5G networks. By implementing key LTE‑M and NB‑IoT features from 3GPP Release 14, UBX-R5 offers customers a smooth transition towards 5G via software upgrades to already deployed devices. 

UBX-R5 also offers unmatched built-in end‑to‑end security thanks to a hardware‑based Root of Trust (RoT) integrated into a discrete, secure element compliant with EAL5+ high common criteria certification, which makes it ideally suited to protect sensitive assets and communications.


September 2020

NORA-B1 short range Bluetooth module

NORA-B1 is the newest member of our short range radio portfolio designed to meet the needs of performance-oriented applications in areas such as industrial, medical, smart building and smart city markets.

The new NORA footprint, which measures only 10.4 x 14.3 x 1.8 mm, provides ease of routing with reduced host board complexity, resulting in cost savings for the end user. Qualified for an extended temperature range up to 105 °C, NORA-B1 can operate reliably in harsh environments that are common in industrial settings as well as in smart indoor and outdoor lighting. It is also a natural fit for remote controls, power tools, advanced medical wearables, asset tracking and industrial machine control.


November 2020

M10 ultra-low power high performance positioning

Our latest highly integrated GNSS platform, the M10, was fully designed in-house. u‑blox sets a new benchmark in ultra-low power high performance positioning applications. The M10 can track four GNSS constellations at once, even in challenging environments, addressing specific applications inside the consumer wearables and industrial applications market where energy and footprint are critical without sacrificing accuracy and availability.

The enhanced capability of u‑blox M10 is expected to fuel numerous innovative applications. It is ideal for a wide range of small battery-powered applications, including consumer sports watches and asset trackers to various applications such as shipping containers or livestock management.